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Plugin News  –  April 2021

Thursday 15 April 2021 - 12:53


Plugin Update: Animation

Changes for v4.1.1 are:
- You can now choose between CPU / GPU video decoding when booting in safe mode for the first time
- Minidump debug information is now stored in my documents folder
- The Command-line Deploy tool now supports Cinema4D R23
- Extra information is now stored in the log file created by the Command-line Deploy tool
- Adds support for Max 2022
- Adds a message warning if the scene has been changed and it was not reloaded in Max
- Improves Cinema4D performance in plugin scene loading
- Adds initial Cinema4D support for V-Ray 5
- The Unreal Engine plugin is no longer installed if you select render node install mode
- Adds support for Maya 2022
- Adds an anima controller option to manually enable Motion Blur generation on 4D models in Maya

Anima is available for Max 2013 to 2022 and costs €279. A demo version is available here.

Plugin News: Boomer Labs updates

Boomer Labs has announced that MAX 2022 updates to MAX2AE, SuperMesher, GeoMaps, pMorph, NewView and NewView_VR have been released. An update for Vexus should be ready in the coming weeks.

They have also announced the start of an open beta for their upcoming plugin IFL Turbo. IFL Turbo is a super fast IFL (Image File List) file loader, cache and resizer within MAX. Performance is generally 3 to 8 times faster than MAX's native playback, particularly for high resolution images or files residing on network drives..

Plugin Update: Atmospherics

Changes for v5.1.0 are:
- Renames Object Source to Geometry Source
- Geometry Source can now emit from tyFlow and Particle Flow particle shape geometry
- Fixes a crash during the NSim simulation if the grid spacing was very large
- Adds support for Arnold render
- Fixes tyPreview causing a crash with GPU viewport enabled
- Fixes an incorrect GPU viewport display when the FumeFX .systemscale is less than one
- Adds support for Max 2022

FumeFX is available for Max 2014 to 2022 and costs $695. A demo version is available here.

Plugin Update: Texturing

Changes for v3.2g are:
- Adds support for Max 2022
- New 'Super Stitcher' allows you to stitch many elements sequentially
- Align In Place now lets you optionally Loop and Ring before aligning
- The Geometry Tools now let you do a non-destructive conversion from UV to 3D and vice versa
- You can now assign the previous checker from the folder (Shift+Click)
- Adds a Disable tiling option to Checker
- Adds 2 new textures with stripes to Checker
- You can now disable unnecessary checker textures in settings
- New UV Smooth to Editable Poly baseobject
- Adds a new 'Element centers' option to planar mapping
- Improves the UV Tools Settings dialog
- Adds an option to use the Unwrap Pro plugin if it's installed
- Removing a checker now also cleans the internal Unwrap texture list
- Improves the speed of planar mapping by element
- Improves the speed of transferring UV edges
- Improves stability and adds some memory and speed optimizations
- Fixes errors related to the Unwrap selection filter
- Fixes errors related to Unwrap added to selected faces
- Flatten by SmoothGroups now updates the changed smooth groups
- Fixes a rare selection bug in Tweak and Align
- Fixes a Tweak memory leak in Max 2016+
- Fixes a Collapse points by distance bug

UV Tools is available for Max 2013 to 2022 and costs $20.

Plugin News: SimLab Soft updates

SimLab Soft have updated all of their plugins to add support for Max 2022.

Their collection of importers and exporters now also support PBR materials as well as rigid body animation (3D PDF Export, USDZ Import/Export, GLTF Import/Export) and skeleton based animation (USDZ Import/Export, GLTF Import/Export).

For more information and demo versions, head over to their Max page.

Plugin Update: Modelling

Changes for v2.6.1 are:
- Adds support for Max 2022
- Fixes several minor bugs

PolySmoother is available for Max 2014 to 2022 and normally costs $35. You can currently buy a license for just $20.

Plugin Update: Particles

Changes for v0.16114 beta are:
- Adds support for Max 2022
- Adds new tyRelax vertex filtering modes
- Adds a 'multiply original' mode to the PhysX Modify operator
- Adds a tyPush modifier for pushing vertices along normals, or local/world directions
- Adds an FPS multiplier to tyPreview for increasing FPS without changing scene time settings
- Adds a 'short circuit' option to the binding search mode of the Property Test operator
- Adds the ability to tyProperties modifier to save the scene node handle to a custom float channel
- Adds a stuck IZ jitter option to the CCCS settings
- Adds an impulse multiplier option to the CCCS settings
- Adds new VRAM usage modes to the CCCS settings
- Adds an implicit parent option to the tyProperties helper
- Adds timing/filter rollouts to the PhysX Shape operator
- Fixes a major issue causing CUDA to hang in many setups (on 2080ti GPUs and newer)
- Improves CCCS memory usage
- Fixes an issue where tri/quad layouts were skewing tyRelax results
- Adds a setting to enable/disable invisible edge processing
- Fixes an integer precision error when input values were very large
- Improves Modify Bindings operator performance when inflating many small, individual cloths
- Fixes an issue where the Export Particles tySwitcher override was not working
- Fixes an issue where tyCaches would not properly apply mapping overrides to cloth meshes
- Fixes a divide by zero issue when particles have a mass of 0
- Fixes an issue where tyPreview progressive rendering would de-activate randomly
- Fixes an issue where tySelect was not adjusting soft selection correctly

Plugin Update: Renderers

Changes for v2020.2.1 - 11.07 are:
- Adds support for Max 2022
- Fixes enable/disable of AOV layers causing the render to restart
- Fixes issues with EXR backgrounds for AOV images
- Adds support for tyFlow particle Age
- Fixes issues that prevented some UV transforms connecting to some image textures
- Removes auto-creation of 2dTransform UV on Alpha Image, Greyscale Image, Tile Texture creation
- Removes the Quick Update and Multi Pass buttons from the viewport

OctaneRender is available for Max 2013 to 2022 and costs €699 per year. A demo version is available here.

Plugin Update: Utilities

Changes for v2.1.0 are:
- Improves Color Correction map support
- Adds specific Color Correction properties
- Adds a UserName and PcName option to output modules
- Adds an animated camera transition option
- Adds the ability to create a Sky map directly in the Dome module
- Adds pick selected map to the Environment and Dome modules
- Adds an option to copy paste a module between setups
- Adds an option to loop through the setups and run a custom script
- Adds an FStorm direct light property
- Adds Daylight System properties
- Fixes an issue with the map browser showing empty and unnecessary items
- Fixes an override issue with fetch property in some special cases
- Fixes a resize issue with the Todo module
- Fixes an issue with the Hdri Quick Browser not loading the selection to the Dome
- Fixes a wrong camera issue with the batch render and bake function
- Fixes a bake issue when scene names are the same
- Fixes a bug where the maximised window state was not saved
- Fixes too frequent update issue with the output module
- Fixes an issue with the camera/light module freezing after merging and delete old is chosen
- Fixes an issue with the Hdri Quick Browser loading label
- Fixes an issue with locking the entire UI while switching between setups
- Fixes an issue with using special characters in camera, light, object, layer and map names
- Fixes an issue when fetching the current map also returns unsupported map types
- Fixes the layer dropdown order to be alphabetical
- Fixes a resize issue in the output module
- Fixes a resize and path trimming issue in the render output modules

Pulze Scene Manager is available for Max 2014 to 2021 and costs €80 per year. A demo version is available here.

New Plugin: Modelling

Edge Loop Length Tool is a commercial MAXScript which lets you copy/paste, or unify, the length of a selection of edges, edge loops, vertices, or objects. It includes a variety of options meant to give it a high degree of flexibility and usefulness across many different modelling tasks. Whether you are dealing with high precision modelling that requires exact measurements, or simply need to clean up sloppy/hastily made topology, this tool should help make the task easier then ever before.

Edge Loop Length Tool is available for Max 2012 to 2022 and costs $4.

Plugin Update: Texturing

Changes for v4.3.7 are:
- Adds support for Max 2022
- Fixes Render and Tools icons
- Drops support for Max 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013

PolyUnwrapper is available for Max 2014 to 2022 and normally costs $45. You can currently get a license for $25.

New Plugin: Modelling / Animation

Clothify Pro is a modifier that makes modelling and animating cloth easy, controllable, artist-friendly, fast and non-destructive. You get instant results, no waiting around for a simulation to finish. Painful sculpting of cloth can also be avoided. Edit a parameter and see instantly what it does. Every parameter can be controlled by soft selection, vertex weights or vertex colors, giving you unprecedented control. Any deformation applied underneath the modifier affects the cloth so you can make use of any of the many modifiers Max has such as Edit Poly, Skin, FFD, Bend, Affect Region, Path Deform etc. It can also be used with the Freeform brushes. Actually it can be used with anything that deforms the mesh.

Clothify Pro is available for Max 2013 to 2022 and costs €80.

Plugin Update: Utilities

Changes for v1.243 are:
- Adds support for Max 2022
- Adds support for Tractor (Pixar's network rendering solution)
- You can now color pass(group) using the right click menu or the 1-9 shortcut
- Adds SHIFT support for multi selection to the Layerset editor
- Adds a single level expand/collapse
- Holding SHIFT while expanding/collapsing limits the action to one level only
- Adds a few more functions to the layerset editor right click menu
- RoyalRender users can now define their own temp .max file path for submission
- You can now rename the pmodifier with hotkey, button or rightclick menu
- Fixes an issue with VRayRenderMask
- Fixes a problem when cancelling a pmodifier rename with the ESC key in the treeview
- Fixes the rename dialog giving a wrong name due to the treeview node tag not updating properly
- Fixes some text color issues in the light UI
- A UI crash in Max 2016 has been fixed

renderStacks is available for Max 2015 to 2022 and costs $59.99 per year. A demo version is available here.

Plugin Update: Renderers

Changes for v0.61 are:
- Up to 10 UVW Map Channels are now supported per polygon mesh
- Vertex Color / Illum / Alpha channels are now supported per polygon mesh
- 10 UVW Map Channels may now be used as tangent space base for anisotropic reflections
- Fixes UVW tangent space artifacts when displacement is applied
- Fixes motion blur issues with some artifacts

Site News: Calling all freeware plugin developers

If you are a plugin developer with source code for plugins that you don't develop anymore, it would be great if you could get in touch with me. I would be glad to recompile as many old plugins as possible to stop them from disappearing for ever. Just mail me to let me know what sort of stuff you've got.

On a side note, this is how the Messiah:studio plugins got recompiled for Max 9 to 2012, as well as all of the Sisyphus plugins, so it's worth sending stuff my way :o)


Site News: News Archives

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