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Plugin News  –  August 2022

Sunday 14 August 2022 - 14:30


Plugin Update: Particles

Changes for v1.007 are:
- Adds whitewater generation and advection options to the Birth Fluid and Fluid Force operators
- Adds Runge-Kutta 2 and 4 advection methods to the Fluid Force operator (improves accuracy)
- Adds slice count/spread options to tySlice split mode
- Adds a 'rebuild SDF' mode to the VDB Convert operator
- Adds a PrepNeighbors function to the Script operator
- Adds a GetNearestNeighbor function to the Script operator to find a particle's nearest neighbor
- Adds the ability to filter by a list of material IDs in the Position Object operator
- Adds 'relative to velocity' options to the Rotation operator banking parameters
- Fixes a bug where selecting a PRT file in tyCache would switch the filename extension to '.tyc'
- Fixes an issue where tyCaches were not respecting input paths relative to the current project
- The Bounds Fracture random axis mode can now randomize slices across instanced meshes
- Fixes a crash that could occur when copying and pasting a Shape operator
- Fixes visual glitches that would occur when operator rollouts were left-aligned
- Fixes an issue that caused the tyFlow floating license server to crash on certain VM setups
- Fixes a crash if certain operators point to objects exposing the IParticleObjectExt interface
- Fixes an issue where the Particle Physics attraction UI wasn't functioning properly
- Fixes an issue where the Property Transfer UI wasn't functioning properly
- Fixes an issue where the radius multiplier in the Property Test neighbor mode couldn't be used
- Fixes an issue where 'hide after adding' in the tyBoolean modifier wasn't working
- Fixes frozen/hidden objects not being added to node listboxes from the 'Add...' menu
- Fixes another issue which could cause Max to crash when dragging a tyActor operator into a flow
- Fixes an issue where the Force operator's second built-in noise wasn't working
- Fixes a bug where clicking an operator with a textbox reset the particle display to frame zero

tyFlow Pro is available for Max 2018 to 2023 and costs $495. A demo version is available here.

Plugin Update: Renderers

Changes for v3.5.05 are:
- The RS Standard Material compact UI layout in Max can now be disabled
- Changing the Rendering Engine in Max now correctly sets the Hardware Ray-Tracing checkbox
- Fixes a Max issue where Redshift Object Properties could fail to read float values correctly
- Fixes a Max issue where core preferences do not immediately save when toggling Hybrid Rendering
- Changing the Rendering Engine in Maya now correctly sets the Hardware Ray-Tracing checkbox
- New Maya scenes will use the new full subsurface scattering GI by default
- Random Walk is now the default SSS mode for new RedshiftStandardMaterials in Maya
- Adds a warning when a Maya connection is made to a 'closure' attribute
- Fixes a Maya bug that resulted in GI trace depth 1 not disabling GI
- Maya joints now have their visibility tracked
- Visible particle systems with a hidden instancer are now rendered as spheres in Maya
- Maya now uses a node's LOD Visibility attribute when determining overall visibility
- Particle shapes with arbitrary parent transforms are now supported in Maya
- Transformation blur for particles now respects individual nodes' motionBlur attribute in Maya
- AOV output filename updates in Maya now tracks changes to defaultRenderGlobals.imageFilePrefix
- Fixes a C4D issue where aborting a bake in progess was not possible
- Fixes a C4D issue where curves produced by some third-party generators would not be extracted
- Fixes a C4D issue in the RenderView where some settings were reset when the window reopened
- Fixes an RSFile parameter issue in C4D R26 where long filenames overflowed the attribute manager
- Fixes a C4D bug in Nodes where constant Value connections to file / ramp parameters were ignored
- Adds support for Houdini 19.5.303
- Adds support for Houdini 19.0.657 and drops support for 19.0.561
- Houdini now supports multiple material override in the 'instancefile' proxy instancing workflow
- Adds new 'int rsproxymatlist(string proxyPath, string[] materialsList)' custom VEX function
- New 'Redshift_getProxyMaterialsList' hscript command gets the materials list of any proxy node
- Adds Houdini support for materials override list to the RS Packed Proxy SOP
- Minor Houdini fixes in the RS USD Material Builder HDA
- Fixes a Houdini problem while rendering high resolution images (above 12k) to MPlay
- Fixes a Houdini problem when rendering objects that should continue hidden if edited during IPR
- Adds Houdini support for the optional 'instancexform' parameter to the Instance OBJ node
- New options in the RS ROP node control the Color/PhotographicExposure/PostFX settings
- Fixes a rare Houdini crash when working with the RenderView and Viewport IPRs at the same time
- Fixes a Houdini crash when rendering scenes with camera crop values outside the valid 0..1 range
- The Houdini RenderView camera list now auto-updates when adding / renaming camera nodes
- Fixes a Houdini problem with the integer attributes mesh data introduced in the previous build
- Fixes a Houdini problem while instancing procedurals
- Adds Houdini support for Alembic procedural 'objectPath'/'objectExclude'/'objectPattern' params
- Adds Houdini support for instancing Alembic procedural objects, including support for user data
- Adds Houdini support for material mapping to the Alembic procedural
- Adds Houdini support for facesets material mapping to the Alembic procedural
- Adds Houdini support for tracesets to the Alembic procedural
- Adds Hydra support for Solaris 19.5.303
- Adds Hydra support for Solaris 19.0.657 and drops support for 19.0.561
- Adds automatic updating of animated Houdini vdb primitives in the viewport in Hydra
- New 'Animated Volume' option disables the viewport auto update of the static Houdini vdb objects
- Fixes a couple of Hydra issues in the Redshift LOP
- Adds the 'Render All Frames With a Single Process' option to the Redshift LOP in Hydra
- Improves Katana management of failed renders due to license fails or other issues
- Fixes 'NoneType' error checking the changed lights in IPR mode in Blender
- Fixes a Blender crash with 'Deep output' renders
- Fixes a matrix update issue with Dome Light in IPR mode in Blender
- Fixes a Blender error in hair UV coordinates when 'child' particle type is set to 'interpolated'
- Adds a switch to disable secondary ray denoising in Redshift RT
- Fixes several crashes related to Hair in RT
- Adds RT support for redshiftCmdLine rendering
- Fixes tremendously long shader compilation times for some materials based on Maxon noises in RT
- Fixes an RT crash running an animation in RV
- Potentially fixed an RT bug that caused materials to mix up randomly
- IMPORTANT: Removes support for Kepler-generation NVidia GPUs
- Adds support for anisotropic phase for volumes
- Adds support for random walk SSS
- Improves energy compensation for new Standard Material dielectric materials
- Enables SSS GI, which can be disabled via a new legacy option
- Fixes an ancient bug that caused ray-traced SSS indirect/GI back-lighting to be missing
- Fixes an ancient bug that caused point-based SSS to crash during the SSS point gathering stage
- Fixes a bug where thin-walled back-lighting was missing in the Lambertian Spheres diffuse model
- Fixes an issue where a compilation of point clouds and proxies could produce wrong results
- Fixes a bug introduced in 3.5.00 that caused point particles with refraction to render black
- Fixes a bug introduced in 3.5.00 that caused sheen reflections to appear too bright
- Fixes a rare crash that could occur when rendering with ray-traced diffusion SSS
- Fixes a bug that could produce garbage dome light sampling with sRGB dome light textures

Redshift is available for Max 2015 to 2023 and costs $264 per year. A demo version is available here.

Site News: Calling all freeware plugin developers

If you are a plugin developer with source code for plugins that you don't develop anymore, it would be great if you could get in touch with me. I would be glad to recompile as many old plugins as possible to stop them from disappearing for ever. Just mail me to let me know what sort of stuff you've got.


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