MAX News Archive

Archived Plugin News  –  November 2000

New Plugin: MAXScript Extensions

A MaxScript extension that allows you to show and hide the UI toolbars.

New Plugin: Utilities

A set of plugins for creating Quake3 maps inside Max.

New Plugin: Controllers

An improved version of the motion capture utility that allows you to filter the list of motion capture controllers by selection, and also allows the use of the joystick throttle to control the sensibility of the joystick during recording.

New Plugin: Materials

A Manga material originally written for R2.x, this is just a recompile for compatability.

New Plugin: Utilities

A plugin utility that allows you to assign keyboard shortcuts to MaxScripts.

New Plugin: Videopost Filters

An image compositing plugin for Video Post that allows you to put one image's GBuffer to another image.

New Plugin: Utilities

This is a really useful utility that expands on the Max Lasso selection tool. With Uzife you can draw freehand selections, or use your mouse like a marker pen to highlight your selection.

New Plugin: Utilities

Generates a maze composed of random boxes.

New Plugin: Utilities

Imports Biovision Motion Data (*.BVH) files for use in Character Studio.

New Plugin: Materials

Provides the ability to use different materials when the object is seen through reflections and refractions. This material is especially useful for compositing tasks. You can for instance make the Primary material transparent, then you will see only the Secondary material, and only in raytraced reflections/refractions.

Plugin Update: Miscellaneous

Changes for v0.4.2 are: Improved error handling, minor speed improvement, minor bug-fixes.

New Plugin: Import / Export

This is a simple plugin for exporting your scene to a *.txt file.

Plugin Update: Renderers

Changes for v0.0.1a are: Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when going to the modify panel of a light. Also added some stuff to the Don't do this it Hurts list.

Plugin Update: Miscellaneous

Changes for v3.1e are: Field order could end up reversed in certain situations on field based renders, this has been corrected. Better error messages added. Some situations that could cause Max to exit to the desktop have been addressed.

New Plugin: Renderers

Ghost is a new, state of the art rendering engine that is being designed around the principles of extensibility, portability, modularity, distributability, stability, and reliability. Currently Ghost is in the core technology testing phase, and will be moving towards production readiness over the next few months. The Ghost Rendering System public alpha is currently composed of the following files: ghostrend.dlu, gtestmtl.dlt, and ghostfx.dlv.

Plugin Update: MAXScript Extensions

Changes for v1.1.2 are: Fixed a bug in the function Create...Patch that caused problems with mapping vertices, fixed a bug in the function FuseEdges depending on the order of the vectors.

Plugin Update: Modifiers

This is a new compile (Oct 31 2000) of the plugin. If I knew what (if anything) has been changed, I would let you know...

Site News: Updates

I'm going to be on the road for the next week, so I won't be able to update the site until Thursday 16th. Sites to keep an eye on are: Blurbeta's RayFX site (hopefully the first version of the GHÖST renderer will be out soon), and November 13th you have to go to the Discreet site, it looks like they will be announcing Max 4 (Magma?).

Site News: Updates

Changed all links pointing to the Discreet support forum, because it looks like the server is going to be updated, and I'm not sure if the files will still be there afterwards. I have moved all the files to this site.

Site News: Updates

Fixed a broken link, which was due to the wrong mixture of upper case and lower case in the links (again!). The link to the MouseTrack MXS Extension now works.