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Archived Plugin News  –  October 2021

Plugin Update: Particles

Changes for v0.16130 beta are:
- Adds basic PhysX sweep/overlap/update functions to the Script operator
- The tyCache file info panel now displays load timer profiler data
- Adds a 'prefer verlet velocities' option to the tyCache particle interface settings
- Adds a checkbox to enable/disable tyCache particle ID sorting and tracking
- Drastically improves tyCache import/export performance
- Adds an option to remove explicit normals in the tySmooth modifier
- tyPreview and Export operator progress is now displayed in the Max taskbar icon
- tyCache mesh overrides can now take tyCollections as input
- Fixes the tySelect modifier crashing when applied to editable poly objects
- Fixes particles at the scene origin (0,0,0) not being affected by turbulence forces
- Fixes timer recursion preventing proper tyProfiler printouts when using a Collision operator
- Fixes a bug where tyConform working on splines would sometimes not update its internal cache
- Fixes an issue where tySelect soft selection curve data was not interpolated well enough
- Significantly improves Birth Flow operator performance when importing lots of unique meshes
- Fixes the Property Test position delta magnitude test not returning expected results
- Adds a Custom Vector Distance test to Property Test
- The Resample operator now sets the new particle parent to the particle with the target
- Fixes an issue where source particles were having their parent changed in the Resample operator
- Too many overrides in a tyCache mesh override listbox no longer trigger vertical scrollbars
- Fixes an issue where the tySlice modifier was not working correctly in object mode

Plugin Update: Utilities

Changes for v2.68 are:
- Renames the 'All' button to 'A'
- Renames the 'View' button to 'V'
- Adds new '▴' and '▾' buttons to select the camera below or above
- Adds new 'IV' button to invert current camera selection
- Changes the Setting button style so it works like a check button
- Removes the 'Hot Switch Settings' group and move its setting to 'Other Settings'
- Renames 'Enabled hot switch' to 'Switch on start'
- Renames 'Don't open script' to 'Use hot switch'
- Removes all preset buttons in 'Default Output Path'
- Renames 'Sub Output Folder' to 'Output Path Settings'
- Adds a new 'Always use current project output path' option
- Renames 'Save render in sub current date folder' to 'Save rendered images in date folder'
- 'Save rendered images in date folder' now works work independently from 'Create subfolder'
- Adds an option to save the save dialog state
- Adds an option to control the save dialog position
- Fixes the missing toolbar icon when making a clean install
- Adds a new icon design for the script to fit Autodesk guidelines
- Adds a warning message when using the CXR format when not batch rendering with Corona Renderer
- The Reset button now removes the Ratio prefix 'L', 'S', 'P' as well

Smart Camera View is available for Max 2013 to 2022 and costs $7.99.

Plugin Update: Renderers

Changes for v2020.2.5 - 11.15 are:
- Fixes objects and lights ambient shadow visibility when an object is set to not visible
- Fixes a performance issue when changing multiple objects instances using the same materials
- Fixes AOV UI crashes when deleting / moving AOV inputs
- Improves naming of AOV default inputs / layer when created from AOV graph or AOV dialog
- Improves rendered image performance for viewport display
- Fixes MAXScript renderers.current.viewportMultiPass not updating the pass list
- Fixes OSL dialogs (eg vectron) not showing all parameters with desktop scale > 100%

OctaneRender is available for Max 2013 to 2022 and costs €699 per year. A demo version is available here.

Plugin Update: Utilities

Changes for v2.64 are:
- Adds a new 'Fix broken camera name' function which runs automatically in the background
- Adds a new 'For camera only' option for the fast select feature
- Adds a new 'For cameras only' option for 'Fast Select Mode'
- Adds a new 'Auto Safe Frame' function
- Adds a new interface for 'Output Folder' group
- Adds new 'Sticky setting dialog' functionality
- Improves the save / load / reset setting function
- Improves the install / uninstall functionality
- Fixes buttons and settings not loading correctly when opening the script for the first time
- Fixes a crash when pressing the prefix button too fast
- Right click on the 'Current' button now sets the save path to the current 'renderoutput' folder
- Adds and fixes some missing tooltips

Smart Camera View is available for Max 2013 to 2022 and costs $7.99.

Plugin Update: Utilities

Changes for v1.01.14 are:
- Fixes status bar info (total and selected files)
- Fixes a problem with the search limit (up to 1000 files)
- Adds a new query window with more options when the search limit is reached
- Adds a new setting to change the search limit (Settings > General)
- Overwriting the window with previews and more info should now work
- Remove Assets has a new message window with an option to run in a new instance or not

Library Track and Relink is available for Max 2010 to 2022 and costs $18. A demo version is available here.

Plugin Update: Utilities

Changes for v3.7.0.12911 are:
- Adds functionality to batch-rename assets
- Adds interactive breadcrumbs for folder navigation
- Adds support for zipped assets
- The Unreal Engine 4 integration has been updated to v.0.9.1
- Increases the support of Substance assets
- Various updates to the PBR Material Mixer
- The 3D Viewer now has an interactive HDRI preview, and various other updates
- Adds a setting that disables or enables the showing of alpha for PNG images in the Lightbox
- Drag and drop of multiple tags is now supported in the Tags panel
- Adds a 'Delete asset and previews' command to the assets contextual menu
- UX improvements to the Tags and Folders Search
- Removes the 'Select all' and 'Select none' buttons from '3d assets' type filter dropdown
- Adds a 'Select all' checkbox in the 'Formats' section
- Fixes loading of environment maps when opening the PBR Material Preview Full Size Viewer
- Fixes an MEF problem with opening some files

Plugin Update: Utilities

Changes for v3.15.78 are:
- Adds the ability to batch rename materials
- You can now setup a desired view for studios without a camera when rendering previews for models
- Adds support for MySQL databases installed on Linux
- Some optimizations to plugin activation
- Fixes an issue with creating materials by dragging a bitmap to a Multi-Material
- Fixes an issue with adding comments and assigning categories to materials
- Fixes an issue with interactive rendering of 3D files on some computers
- Fixes an issue with the display of gallery icons
- Fixes an issue with relinking OSLMaps
- Fixes an issue with slow opening right-menu on the Asset Tracking tab in some scenes
- Fixes some minor issues with assigning maps to the Environment
- Fixes some minor issues on selecting multiple directories
- Fixes an issue with moving categories to the top level
- Fixes a bug in the API method 'KstudioManagerCategory.GetNodes()'
- Fixes an issue with refreshing assets after relinking in version 3.15.55-3.15.70
- Fixes an issue with colorizing sub-directories
- Fixes an issue with running the plugin on some computers
- Fixes some other minor issues

Project Manager is available for Max 2014 to 2022 and costs $60. A demo version is available here.

Plugin Update: Import / Export

Changes for v3.8 are:
- Implements a run-time exporter to compressed .usdz format for AR content for iOS
- Updates the Augmented Reality example to work on iOS
- USD materials, when exported to Verge3D, become glTF-compatible PBR materials (Max 2022 only)
- Adds dynamic ambient occlusion based on the Ground Truth Ambient Occlusion (GTAO) technique
- Removes the old SSAO puzzle, which is automatically replaced in old scenes with the GTAO puzzle
- You can now 'stick' 3D objects to the viewport edge with the new setting Fit to Camera Edge
- Adds visibility breakpoints for 3D UI elements
- Adds HiDPI compositing for improved 3D user interfaces
- Adds planar light probes, which are enabled by adding V3DReflectionPlane objects
- Adds a new 'Custom Influence' option to light probes to set the objects a probe will affect
- Fixes an issue with importing scenes containing a Reflection CubeMap object
- Adds a new Alpha Mode: Coverage (only works when MSAA is enabled)
- Adds support for a host of new Max maps
- Adds a new setting named Fix Ortho Zoom
- Adds a new Clipping Planes feature: Render Side (includes Front, Back, and Double-sided options)
- Rearranges the Verge3D-related settings and options to make them more compact
- Reorganizes the Export Settings window by adding tabs
- Adds a new 'is scene loaded' puzzle
- Adds a new 'check performance' puzzle to quickly run a benchmark and classify the user's GPU
- The puzzles 'save state' and 'undo state' can now remove and create objects
- The puzzle 'get camera direction' now works with ortho cameras
- Adds a load option to the HTML event puzzle
- The comment puzzle's max length was increased from 50 to 120 characters
- Puzzles 'set transform', 'set object direction', 'change local transform' now take vector inputs
- Puzzles 'set morph target' and 'get morph target' can now also use text inputs
- You can now enable the name field for the 'add annotation' puzzle
- The 'limit constraint' puzzle now has a distance option
- The 'copy constraint' puzzle now has a transform options
- Adds a new combination of puzzles: Detect Pressed / Released
- Some entries in the Puzzles library have been simplified and/or commented for clarity
- Synchronizes Verge3D with the underlying Three.js library (r130)
- Adds a JS API for multiple render targets (MRT)
- Adds support for realistic transmission in MeshPhysicalMaterial
- Adds support for WebXR layers to allow compositing between AR/VR scenes
- Improves performance for multi-shader materials
- All programming APIs in v3d.module.js are now class-based
- Adds documented instructions on server side rendering
- The User Manual has been translated to Chinese
- Adds a variant of the engine runtime specifically to support legacy browsers
- Optimizes engine performance on Intel hardware
- Ray casting now works significantly faster for batched objects thanks to acceleration structures
- Ensures Verge3D compatibility with Windows 11 and the ARM version of Windows 10
- Ensures that the WebGL 2.0 system works on the recently released iOS 15
- Information about light probes used in the scene is now shown by the performance profile puzzle
- The print performance puzzle now outputs potentially problematic issues in regard to performance
- Improves the quality of FXAA when HDR rendering is enabled
- Improves the stability of HiDPI rendering
- Fixeds an issue with a missing background when exiting the AR mode
- Fixes the performance regression in the download file puzzle
- Fixes an issue with the comment puzzle that caused the Puzzles Editor to sometimes crash
- Fixes engine crashes on older versions of iOS 11-12
- Fixes a critical issue with the recently released Safari 15 that failed to initialize WebXR

Verge3D is available for Max 2018 to 2022 and costs $290. A demo version is available here.

Plugin Update: Utilities

Changes for v4.00D are:
- Adds support for the VRayLightMix Render Element
- Improves error handling when applying Render Elements
- Improves V-Ray 5 support
- Improves Layer Iteration implementation

Vexus is available for Max 2017 to 2022 and costs $200. A demo version is available here.