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Thinkbox Software XMesh Saver MX v1.7.0
R2017 R2018 R2019 R2020 R2021 $495
XMesh MX is the Max implementation of the XMesh toolset, a set of tools for caching animated scene geometry to an external file sequence and for loading this data later for rendering. It consists of this commercial Saver plugin (XMesh Saver MX) which exposes a MAXScript Interface for processing the scene and saving the XMesh files, and a free Loader plugin (XMesh Loader MX) which performs the loading.

Features include:
- Support for changing topology
- Support for changing / animated mesh data channels other than vertex list
- Smaller disk footprint for similar data thanks to built-in compression
- Smart data referencing when data remains unchanged between frames
- XML header files can include additional information as well as arbitrary metadata
- Support for pre-calculated velocity channel with various loading-time interpolation modes
- Direct support for Thinking Particles velocities acquisition
- Optional saving of multiple objects as one in World space
- Optional saving of multiple objects as multiple sequences in World or Object space
- Support for all 100 mapping channels
- Support for alternative (Proxy) sequence saving and loading for viewport display
- Additional simplified viewport display modes
- Support for sequential / parallel processing of a single sequence on Deadline
- Multiple files per frame data storage

Demo version is available here.

32-bit: No
64-bit: Yes
Developer / WWW Name / WWW Info Max Versions Price
Raylight S.r.l. XRay CAT Survival Toolkit v1.5
R2009 R2010 R2011 R2012 R2013 R2014 R2015 R2016 R2017 R2018 R2019 €49.99
Designed specifically as a plugin for CAT in Max, XRay CAT Survival Toolkit provides the user unprecedented improvements in speed, ease of use and real-time options, all to help increase pipeline work speed. It's features are designed to improve the main aspects of CAT:

- Rig Creation
CAT ST offers a set of shortcuts to the most useful Max functions regarding the creation and setup of a new rig
- Layer Manager
Raylight have designed a new, friendlier user interface to easily manage all the CAT layers and their properties, to instantly switch between 'Setup' and 'Animation' mode, and much more
- Pose Manager
An enhanced Pose Manager, which allows you to copy and paste poses, mirror the rig, swap arms, hands, legs and feet with only one mouse click. In addition, all rig poses are stored with a preview image to easily retrieve them when you need, and a Limb Animation section is included to switch between IK and FK mode when animating a limb
- Clip Manager
This simple tool allows you to manage (load, save and delete) all your CAT clips. Very useful if you need to backup all your CAT layers and load them into another rig

No demo version available.

32-bit: Yes
64-bit: Yes

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