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Author / WWW Name / Download Plugin Type
CGDev.net AXE v2.2.8
124 KB
Import / Export
Compiled / Description

AXE is a fully-featured DirectX file exporter plugin designed to provide consistent, flexible and reliable data conversion. It supports standard and multi-subobject or DirectX shader materials, editable patch, editable mesh or editable poly geometry, skin and physique modifiers. The latest release can even convert a standard material with multiple UV coordinates to a DirectX material(.fx) and generate shader code such as tangent-space normal mapping.

This free version of AXE is a slightly restricted of AXE Pro, the commercial version of the exporter, and is only for use on non-commercial projects.
Author / WWW Name / Download Plugin Type
Farshid Lashkari OSG Exporter v1.5.4
43.7 MB
Import / Export
Compiled / Description

OSGExp is an open source exporter from Max to OpenSceneGraph. It has support for geometry, materials, textures, multitextures, procedural textures, environment maps, cameras, animation and has helpers for OSG style level of detail, billboards, switches, impostors, occluders, nodemasks and much more.

The source code is also available here.
Author / WWW Name / Download Plugin Type
Advance Software Infinity Exporter v1.0 Build 2176
153 MB
Import / Export
Compiled / Description

Infinity is a 3D internet browser, and the Infinity Professional Development Kit contains an export plugin to convert your Max scenes to the format used by Infinity. At the moment Infinity is in a public beta testing phase, and Infinity Pro will eventually be commercial, although I have no idea of pricing at the moment.
Author / WWW Name / Download Plugin Type
Bolthouse Software Unwrap3D Importer / Exporter v3.50.60
4.2 MB
Import / Export
Compiled / Description

Allows Max to import and export files for Ultimate Unwrap3D, a specialised tool for unwrapping 3D models. It includes an easy-to-use UV coordinate editor, a standard set of UV mapping projections such as planar, box, cylindrical, and spherical, as well as advanced UV mapping projections such as face mapping, camera mapping, and unwrap faces for those difficult to map areas on a model.
Author / WWW Name / Download Plugin Type
Bastien Bourineau / Arkeon Easy Ogre Exporter v3.2.2
46.3 MB
Import / Export
Compiled / Description

The Easy Ogre Exporter is written to be as simple as possible but capable of exporting just about everything. Features include:
- One click export from the Max export menu > Ogre scene
- DotScene|.scene export
- Manage all Ogre versions
- Exports node hierarchy
- Exports node animations
- Mesh binary export for each object in the scene
- A shared or dedicated geometry option
- Vertex colors
- Normals
- Multiple UV sets
- Tangents
- Edgelist
- Poses from the Max morpher
- Skeletons
- Multiple skeleton animations
- Multiple root bones
- Standard structures and biped
- Animations from the main track separated by time tags
- Animations separated from the motion mixer (if available)
- Node animations from the main track / motion mixer for each node in the dot scene
- Pose animations from the main track or from the motion mixer
- Morph vertex animations from the main track or from the motion mixer
- Standard materials conversion
- Architecture materials conversion
- Mentalray Arch / Design materials conversion
- Ambient, diffuse, specular and self illumination colors
- Specular level
- Multiple textures
- Multiple UV's
- Transparency level
- Material options like 'double sided' or 'wire'
- Auto shader generation for pixel lighting and normal/specular maps/ref cubemap
- Automatic basic technique for non-supported hardware when shaders are used
- Optional texture conversion to DDS format with size optimization
- Lights and cameras
- Automatic unit conversion to meters
- Automatic LOD generation
- Small UI for a minimum of settings

The download link above is for installer for Max versions 2011 to 2016. If you need the plugin for an older version of Max, head over here.
Author / WWW Name / Download Plugin Type
Neil Jedrzejewski VTA Exporter v1.0
335 KB
Import / Export
Compiled / Description

This plugin allows Max to export Source vertex animation files used in face flex animation using the morpher modifier and shapekeys.
Author / WWW Name / Download Plugin Type
StepToSky X-plane Object Exporter v2.6.0 beta
1.3 MB
Import / Export
Compiled / Description

This plugin lets you make aircraft and scenery objects for use with the flight simulator X-Plane, exporting files to the Object8 format (.obj). It supports the following:
- Export global attributes
- Export base attributes
- Export animations
- Export material attributes
- Export manipulators
- Export lights
- Export lines
- Export meshes
- Validate entered parameters
Author / WWW Name / Download Plugin Type
Pop'N'Fresh / Jon Voltz / Michael Lawler MD3 Exporter v2.3
1.13 MB
Import / Export
Compiled / Description

This is an improved version of Pop'N'Fresh's original 3ds Max MD3 exporter for Quake III MD3 models. The following major fixes and features have been implemented:
- Correct vertex normals supporting both Smoothing Groups and the Edit Normals Modifier
- Bounding box calculation for each frame
- Improved error checking and validation (added warnings if texture images are not 'Power of 2' and also warn if mesh exceeds 1000 vertices)
- Exports valid Q3A path names (using forward slashes and not backslashes)
- Exports LODs to separate MD3 files with correct LOD file names
- Displays an export statistics dialog providing actual triangle and vertex counts for the exported geometry (shows the extra vertices created due to smoothGroups, EditNormals, or UVs)
Author / WWW Name / Download Plugin Type
NeoAxis Group Ltd. NeoAxis Engine Exporter v3.5
432 MB
Import / Export
Compiled / Description

This exporter is part of the NeoAxis non-commercial SDK, and is needed to transfer your Max data to the NeoAxis Game Engine, an all-purpose, modern 3D graphics engine for 3D simulations, visualizations and games.
Author / WWW Name / Download Plugin Type
Softimage, Co. / Michael Lawler dotXSI 3.0 Exporter v1.9
2.09 MB
Import / Export
Compiled / Description

This exporter generates a Softimage dotXSI 3.0 file (supporting both ASCII and binary formats). This work is a major modification based on the source code for the Softimage Co. dotXSI xChange for 3ds Max Project (dotXSIMax v1.7). See the detailed readme file for installation, features, and usage. Also made available is the legacy FAQ from the Softimage Co. describing the features supported in the original 1.7 version.

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