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Christoph Kubisch Alles Im Fluss v1.11
16.1 MB
Global Utility Plugin
Compiled / Description

Alles Im Fluss (German for 'Everything flows') is a Max plugin to aid subdivision modelling. It provides the ability to quickly and easily draw polygon strips, connections or extrusions, and cap holes while maintaining clean, mostly quad-based topology. One single tool provides you with all functionality depending on the sub-object type you are in, or keyboard modifiers used.
Author / WWW Name / Download Plugin Type
Josef Wienerroither MXSEditor v1.0
784 KB
Global Utility Plugin
Compiled / Description

This global utility plugin allows the MAXScript Editor to be controlled using MAXScript and exposes the Editor's internal SciTE API to MAXScript. Additionally it lets you use the MAXScript Editor in an extended viewport and control several aspects of the Editor window. It allows for pretty advanced usage, but the extended viewport functionality might come handy for many casual scripters too.

Features include:
- MAXScript Editor as an Extended Viewport
- Extensive control over the MAXScript Editor via MAXScript
- Access to the Scintilla/SciTE internal command set
- A Callback mechanism to get notified about changes and events occurring in the MAXScript Editor
Author / WWW Name / Download Plugin Type
Last Pixel Pty Ltd. Autogamma v1.0
29.4 KB
Global Utility Plugin
Compiled / Description

This plugin is part of a script that simplifies the working process for a linear workflow. It applies a colour correct with a gamma of 2.2 to every material at render time i.e textures AND flat colours. It can also automatically remove the colour correct maps after rendering.

For full details on how to use the plugin, take a look here. Also note that this plugin relies on the ColorCorrect plugin from Cuneyt Ozdas.
Author / WWW Name / Download Plugin Type
Neil Hazzard / Adam Felt Interface:PhysiqueOps v3.0
206 KB
Global Utility Plugin
Compiled / Description

This global utility opens up Physique to MAXScript. This version is for Character Studio 3.x, and gives access to the following methods:
- getPhysiqueModifier
- getAPIVersion
- getBones
- getBoneCount
- getVertexCount
- getInitialNodeTM
- getInitialBoneTM
- getVertexType
- getVertexBones
- getVertexBoneCount
- getVertexBone
- getVertexOffset
- getVertexDeformableOffset
- getVertexWeight
- setInitialPose
- setFigureMode
- attachToNode
- initialize
- lockVertex
- unlockVertex
- setVertexBone

Thanks go to John Brandwood for recompiling this for Max 2008 to 2013!
Author / WWW Name / Download Plugin Type
Pier Janssen EdgeSmooth v1.0.2
221 KB
Global Utility Plugin
Compiled / Description

EdgeSmooth allows you to smooth models by defining edges as either 'hard' or 'soft'. This is a more intuitive method than the standard smoothing groups: a 'soft' edge means that the faces on that edge share a common smoothing group. When there are no shared smoothing groups, the edge is 'hard'.

This is an open-source project, you can find the repository here.