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CentiLeo CentiLeo for 3ds Max v0.593 alpha
70.6 MB
Compiled / Description

CentiLeo is a GPU renderer (CUDA based) that supports out-of-core caching of geometry and textures, which means that your scene doesn't need to fit in the GPU RAM.

Features include:
- Out-of-core geometry (supports many polygons)
- Out-of-core and out-of-RAM textures
- Adaptive displacement mapping
- Noise aware path tracing
- Specific Metropolis sampler with firefly killer
- Instancing of geometry
- Fast support of dynamic scenes and interactive modelling
- Flexible shader infrastructure
- Powerful Standard CentiLeo Material with 2 reflection lobes and Multi Material container
- Light sources with assignment to different layers of materials
- AOVs/Render passes infrastructure to generate them all in parallel
- Fully interactive Max plugin which reacts to modelling activity while the image is rendered
- Bump mapping can be applied on top of displacement mapping
- Arbitrary output image resolution (as soon as it fits to CPU RAM)
Author / WWW Name / Download Plugin Type
Chaos Czech a.s. Corona Alpha v6.1
14.5 MB
Compiled / Description

Corona is a fast GI renderer currently in development. The speed advantage is gained by using the Embree ray tracing kernels from Intel. It can use path tracing, irradiance maps, photon mapping and light cache, with the capability of mixing them using primary and secondary solvers.
Author / WWW Name / Download Plugin Type
DNA Research 3Delight for 3ds Max v2.0.14
12.2 MB
Compiled / Description

3Delight is a RenderMan-compliant renderer that combines path-tracing and the REYES algorithm.
Features include:
- Production grade path-tracing and REYES algorithms
- High quality rendering of smooth subdivision surfaces and fine displacements
- High quality rendering of hair, particles and motion-blur
- High quality rendering of depth of field, subsurface scattering and more
- Multi-Light output and interactive mixer
- Easy to use physically plausible materials
- An advanced Layers system unique to 3Delight
- Support for third party plugins (inc. Massive, Shave, OpenVDB)
- Support for many V-Ray shaders

The first license (limited to 8 cores) is free with no restrictions for commercial use and no time limit.
Author / WWW Name / Download Plugin Type
Evermotion s.c. Nox Render Plugin v0.4.4 beta
21.5 MB
Compiled / Description

NOX Renderer is a stand-alone application that renders images using unbiased methods. Light behavior is based on laws of physics, however some simplifications occur. In the current version only the Metropolis Light Transport algorithm (MLT) is used for global illumination evaluation. This version is an early public beta, so many important features are still in development. The Max plugin that comes with NOX allows you to export geometry from Max to NOX, and brings 5 new objects: NOX Camera, NOX Material, NOX Sun Light, NOX Exporter and NOX Renderer.

NOX is currently in open-beta, and is free for private and commercial use. It is going to stay free when finished, even when used commercially.
Author / WWW Name / Download Plugin Type
fused IndigoMax v0.7.4.1
39.4 MB
Compiled / Description

This a wrapper plugin for the Indigo renderer that enables you to use Indigo inside Max. Features at the moment include:
- Fast Indigo SDK connection
- Geometry handling as poly and triangle meshes
- Fast instancing routine
- TurboSmooth and MeshSmooth are applied at render time
- Animation and motion blur support
- Simple light objects are supported (and default lights)
- Materials are supported with Indigo Material and Indigo Blend
- Standard camera and viewports are supported
- Textures are supported (only bitmaps for now)
- Scenes can be exported to IGS format
- GPU rendering support
- Multiple UVs support
- Background / interactive modes
- Progressive material refinement
- Interactive tone-mapping
Author / WWW Name / Download Plugin Type
Santiago Orgaz ratGPU v0.9.3
34 MB
Compiled / Description

ratGPU is a free OpenCL ray tracing renderer. It should work with any NVIDIA GeForce 8 (or above) or ATI Radeon 4XXX / 5XXX with at least 512MB of VRAM.
Author / WWW Name / Download Plugin Type
Suvakas Maxigo v3.2.1 beta2
721 KB
Compiled / Description

Maxigo is a render plugin that allows you to access and use Indigo Renderer inside Max. It started life as a MAXScript exporter, but is now a C++ plugin, making it much faster.