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Stig Atle Steffensen Bullet4Max v01.09.2014
12.4 MB
Compiled / Description

Bullet4Max lets you simulate physics in Max using the Bullet physics engine. Current features are:
- Support for box, sphere and cone shapes (joints are being worked on)
- Easy to use MAXScript API
- MAXScript GUI created with the API
- Easy customizable MAXScript based modifiers and helper objects
- Bullet serialization is supported for easy physics export to game engines
Author / WWW Name / Download Plugin Type
Thinkbox Software Deadline v10.2.1.0
1.17 GB
Compiled / Description

The Deadline render farm management system is a hassle free method to both administer and render on Microsoft Windows-based render farms of all sizes. The following advantages/features, taken together, differentiate Deadline from other 'render queue' and 'render farm management' products:
- Ultra-reliable in operation
- Modern, artist-centric and intuitive user interface
- Excellent support for modern rendering packages
- Extensive job scheduling options
- Administration and auditing
- Integrated remote administration tools
- Remote error reporting
- Cost effective

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