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Plugin News  –  August 2019

Sunday 25 August 2019 - 04:44


Plugin Update: Import / Export

Changes for v2.14 are:
- You can now make your web apps AR-capable
- Implements an AR mode switch in the Industrial robot demo in addition to VR
- Morpher modifier is now supported in Verge3D
- You can now create textures from text on the fly and use them in your 3D scene
- Adds a 'generate normal map' puzzle
- Max camera clipping planes can now be calculated automatically
- The Physical Camera Exposure Control option is now supported
- The Physical Camera vignetting effect can now be used
- The Alpha Mode, Two-Sided, Dithering params are now supported for Blend and Shellac materials
- If your scene has several cameras, Verge3D will now respect the active camera selection
- The replace texture/get texture puzzles now accept texture input from a text field or variable
- The set color/set value puzzles now accept texture input from a text field or variable
- It is no longer necessary to initialize the VR mode before trying to enter it
- The enter VR mode puzzle has new options: room, looking around and viewer locked
- Adds a puzzle for setting the direction of objects
- You can now customize the preloader with CSS
- The window, document and body HTML puzzles are now a single puzzle
- The SSR and simple refraction puzzles now accept lists of materials, not just single materials
- The App.disableRendering() method now works without explicitly specifying the after param
- The v3d namespace now includes an array of all App class instances created in your app(s)
- Fixes a rendering blackout if the canvas is hidden and then revealed
- Fixes a rendering blackout if the canvas is re-scaled to and back from zero dimensions

Verge3D is available for Max 2015 to 2020 and costs $290. A demo version is available here.

Plugin Update: Utilities

Changes for v3.11 are:
- Adds native Corona Renderer support
- Adds Pencil+ Render Element support
- Adds overscan support for cameras with animated Field Of Views
- Adds a Reset All Object Properties option to the Pass Node
- Adds a Hide All Layers option to the Pass Node
- Corona Renderer settings are now maintained if it's the active renderer
- Improves logging
- Fixes the Overscan setting missing in some Shot Nodes
- Fixes Global Node disable
- Improves error handling when a Renderer can not be cloned
- Fixes custom token replacement on subsequent passes
- Fixes Node and Layer name highlighting when a '.' is present
- Misc. stability improvements

Vexus is available for Max 2015 to 2020 and costs $200. A demo version is available here.

New Plugin: Modifiers

SplineOffset is similar to the array tool built into Max combined with a sophisticated spline offset function, but with two big benefits: firstly, SplineOffset is fully parametric so you can change or animate the number of clones, the size of the offsets, and their distribution at any time; secondly, and for the first time as a modifier, SplineOffset is able to automatically heal overlapping splines so that they form one continuous path.

Other features include the ability to set, offset and sequence material IDs; a choice of 5 end types for open splines; and options to specify 3 types of corner bevel. You can even add multiple SplineOffset modifiers to create 2D and 3D arrays, each with their own settings.

Plugin Update: Rendering

Changes for v2018.1.3 - 7.10 are:
- Updates Forest Pack support
- Adds a 'Support' tab in render settings for common settings and external plugin configuration
- Moves the Network configuration to the Devices tab
- Updates Particle Flow support
- Adds support for multiple shapes for PFlow, using shape instance: group of objects
- Updates PhoenixFD support to set particle object layer using particle mesh object's properties
- Fixes camera FOV update when changing the viewport
- Fixes Volume ramp texture changes not updating the viewport
- Fixes bugs when reading IFL files
- Adds Orbx export of animated textures (ifl files)

OctaneRender is available for Max 2013 to 2020 and costs $619. A demo version is available here.

Plugin Update: Particles

Changes for v6.8 SP1 are:
- Adds a new 'InputFromVDB' feature to the Scatter function
- Adds a new 'AccumulateVDB' feature to the Scatter function
- Deactivating the MasterDynamic System now hides the tP helper in the Max viewport
- Adds a new 'Re-Simulate Imported' option to the LoadVDB User Interface
- Setting interior band width < 1 in ShapeToVolumeVDB will now fill the object
- Fixes an issue in FractureVDB which could result in a crash
- Fixes a bug in the Relax feature in VolumeToMeshVDB which could result in a crash
- LoadVDB now respects the user option with regards to overwriting volume grids
- LoadVDB outputs now work
- ShapeToVolumeVDB using cached data now respects the Re-Simulate Imported option
- ParticleToVolumeVDB using cached data now respects the Re-Simulate Imported option
- The ParamBlock Operator now displays World Scale parameters

thinkingParticles is available for Max 2017 to 2020 and costs €540 per year. A demo version is available here.

Site News: No updates for the next few weeks

I'm going to be out of the office for the next two weeks, so I probably won't be able to update the site much in that time. Keep on sending any news items or updates that you think I should know about, I'll post everything when I get back.


Plugin Update: Import / Export

Changes for v2.13.1 are:
- Shadows now they look much better and also closer to the Max viewport
- Adds a puzzle for enabling screen-space reflection or refraction
- Reflection and refraction effects work with Physical materials
- In addition, a simpler, faster puzzle for screen-space refraction is also available
- The App Manager now offers a settings page, accessible through the gear icon on the top
- Each application now has a dedicated page for better convenience while managing large projects
- Application pages contain a list of files and offers a search box for filtering them off
- Makes some cosmetic changes to the UI, such as adding the backward icon
- The main page of the App Manager now opens much faster thanks to optimized directory lookups
- The 'Add annotation' puzzle can now identify the corresponding HTML element for an annotation
- Implements puzzles and JavaScript methods for opening and closing annotations
- The HTML event puzzle can now be inserted into other puzzles' slots
- The 'Get object direction' puzzle now returns correct results for empty/dummy objects and lamps
- Adds a new puzzle called 'Get objects from' for finding and listing objects
- Calling JavaScript functions with a puzzle can now return a computed value
- Adds a new 'Get custom props' puzzle to retrieve user-defined properties from Max objects
- Changes class to className in the 'Get attr' puzzle's dropdown
- Adds some properties for handling HTML5 audio and video elements to the 'Set/Get attr' puzzles
- Adds the 'Ended' event to the HTML event puzzle
- The Debug puzzles category is now called System
- Adds new 'Set screen scale' and 'Native screen scale' puzzles for handling Retina displays
- Adds a new puzzle called 'System date/time' for adding clocks, calendars, organizers etc.
- Adds a new 'Get keys' puzzle for retrieving and iterating through all keys in a dictionary
- Adds a new 'Check key' puzzle for examining if a key is present in a dictionary
- Adds a new 'Empty' puzzle to check if a specified dictionary contains no data
- Optimizes export time, file size and memory consumption by not exporting unused mesh attributes
- Removes the Facebook GLB export option as this feature is no longer offered by Facebook
- The Verge3D WordPress plugin now uploads applications asynchronously
- The WordPress plugin now provides an id to the application container element
- Fixes bloom artifacts when lamps are present in the scene
- The App class API reference has been updated to include all methods available in this class

Verge3D is available for Max 2015 to 2020 and costs $290. A demo version is available here.

Plugin Update: Texturing

Changes for v1.12 are:
- You can now create materials without textures
- Adds base diffuse, reflection and glossiness material inputs
- Adds Arnold parameter linking
- UI and material display improvements

Material Texture Loader is available for Max 2016 to 2020 and costs $10.

Plugin Update: Modelling

Changes for v2.1.0 are:
- Adds more options for the frames design
- Frames with arched windows in facades B and D now work properly
- Fixes an error when unchecking chimney options
- Roof and roof windows now behave properly when the roof is turned invisible
- Fixes a glitch with corner windows and wall interior thickness
- Windows Copy/Paste now works properly with Selection Mode M
- Windows list now updates properly when an 'Above' type window is added
- Fixes some general UI behaviors

Fast Housing is available for Max 2017 to 2020 and costs $25. A demo version is available here.

Site News: Calling all freeware plugin developers

If you are a plugin developer with source code for plugins that you don't develop anymore, it would be great if you could get in touch with me. I would be glad to recompile as many old plugins as possible to stop them from disappearing for ever. Just mail me to let me know what sort of stuff you've got.

On a side note, this is how the Messiah:studio plugins got recompiled for Max 9 to 2012, as well as all of the Sisyphus plugins, so it's worth sending stuff my way :o)


Site News: News Archives

The news from previous months can be accessed by clicking on the 'Plugin news archive' link in the menu.