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Grant Adam FolderGit v1.15
517 KB
Compiled / Description

FolderGit is a very useful navigation shortcut tool for XP and Vista, both 32 and 64 bit. It is comprised of Windows Explorer context menu items, a systray icon and a UI for editing the path sets. It works within Windows Explorer and also within your applications via the open/save dialogs, adding items to the Right Click Context menu: these items are a list of directories, and selecting one of them takes your current explorer/dialog to the location picked.

It is a huge time saver if you have multiple projects in multiple places, or a single project with many sub-elements, where you may find yourself navigating from one place to another repeatedly. It also has special support for non-standard Windows dialogs - namely Fusion, Nuke, Boujou, Total Commander, Visual Studio, and Softimage XSI.

For personal or non-commercial use there are no requirements to register FolderGit and you are free to use it for your personal/non-commercial work, but if you find it useful you might consider making a donation. RPManager licensees get a free site license of FolderGit. If you don't fit into any of these categories - ie commercial usage, don't have an RPManager license - and find foldergit useful then you should consider purchasing a license, which is $25 for a single machine, or $100 for an unlimited site license (single location). Evaluate for 30 days, see if it would save you time.